Kids Room Decoration Ideas

It is a great feeling to experience the pleasure of reaching your dream home thanks to the home decoration you have applied! But there is an area that when you are decorating that room, you get more excitement and happiness when you get the result you want.

Walls, Areas that Add Color to the Room

Whatever the decoration of the room, the walls, which play an important role in adding movement to the space, are ready to add color to the children’s rooms with different alternatives, of course!

Colorful wallpapers can add an energetic atmosphere to the space.
Whether boys ‘or girls’ rooms; it makes no difference… The wallpapers are one of your biggest helpers when decorating with many pattern options suitable for your child’s taste! Even if you prefer an intense patterned animated wallpaper, the wall can come to the fore and you can prefer simpler designs in other areas of the room.

It is possible to add joy to the space with children’s room stickers.

If you are not going to decorate your child’s room from scratch, if you want to make a small but attractive and at the same time economical application, the solution is children’s room wall stickers! Let’s also mention that you can combine the children’s room wall sticker you choose with decoration applications. It is completely up to your taste and your dream world! For example, after sticking the tree sticker on the wall, it is a good idea to put the photos of your child, family or their favorite animated characters in the frames and put them on the ends of the branches! You can even surround the tree edges with LED Christmas lights to make a nice children’s room decoration.

Including the design you want on the walls

Cloud, star, cat, heart… You can place these and such drawings on the walls in a colorful way. All you have to do is print the design you want to apply to the wall and cut the area where the design is located with scissors. Then you can place the design you want on the wall by sticking it with masking tape. Using this technique, you can write your child’s name on the wall or on the room door with the help of silvery hobby paints.

Kids Room Decoration Ideas
Kids Room Decoration Ideas

A Remedy for a Radiant Room, LED Lightings

LED Christmas lights, which are among the first products that come to mind when it comes to “New Year’s decoration”, are actually also an alternative for children’s rooms. For example, in Montessori decoration, which has become very popular in recent years and contributes to child development, you can benefit from this lighting. You can wrap the LED lights on the top of the Montessori bed and get a nice look. If you wish, you can decorate around the frames with these lighting products as we explained in the wall decoration section. It is also a good idea to frame the pictures drawn by your child and place them on the wall and make these frames more remarkable thanks to lighting products.

Kids Room Decoration Ideas - A Remedy for a Radiant Room LED Lightings
Kids Room Decoration Ideas – A Remedy for a Radiant Room LED Lightings

Let Wall Shelves Become an Exhibition Space

In addition to being a storage space in homes, there is also room for decorative shelves used in the display of decorative objects in the children’s and baby room! You can display your child’s toys and books on the shelves you will mount on the children’s room walls. If you wish, you can get help from the crates instead of shelves and contribute to recycling.

Let Wall Shelves Become an Exhibition Space - Kids Room Decoration Ideas
Let Wall Shelves Become an Exhibition Space – Kids Room Decoration Ideas

Making Curtain Accessory from Toys

Wallpaper, curtains, carpets, furniture… Almost anything you put in a nursery can help reflect your child’s colorful world. Well, how about making this world more colorful with details by making a useful children’s room accessory? If you want to make your own children’s room decorations, you can easily realize the idea we will now offer! What are we going to do? Curtain holder from the toy!

You can complete the accessory making for the children’s room in 5 minutes by sewing a velcro on a toy that can hold the curtain. For example, if your child has a toy with a monkey figure, you can attach the curtain with this toy after stitching a velcro at the end of the monkey’s arms.

Add a Different Air to the Room with MDF Objects

If you say, “These ideas are good, but I want to do a more advanced application in handmade children’s room decoration.” We have an idea for you: Making objects from MDF! Since it is a bit more difficult to make than our other suggestions, it is useful to explain this step by step.

Necessary materials

  • MDF board (can be any size you want)
  • Jigsaw
  • LED strip lighting
  • Paper sandpaper
  • Pen
  • Hobby paint (on request)

How To

  • Draw the shape you want on the MDF board.
  • Drill holes from a specific area of ​​the shape and start cutting the shape you draw from that region.
  • After cutting, remove the roughness by passing through the areas you cut with sandpaper.
  • If you want to paint the board, you can paint with hobby paints.
  • Stick the LED strip lighting to the back of the board.
  • You can mount the board on the wall (beware of mounting it firmly) or cut a suitable foot and position the plate on the floor.

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